Why choose radio?

Advertising on Dearne FM could be the best move your business has ever made!

Launched in 2003, Dearne FM is a part of everyday local life, reaching over 49,000* listeners every week. That’s 49,000* potential brand new customers to you, with listeners covering the whole of Barnsley, Penistone and the Dearne Valley.

Our advertising team can put together fun, creative and clever campaigns that can get people talking about your business – and more importantly, buying!

But if that’s not enough, below we’ve put together some of the top reasons why radio (and Dearne FM!) is one of the best ways to advertise YOUR business.

* Source: RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB Sept 2016.

Radio is cost-effective

And it’s not as expensive as you might think! Compared to other mediums in advertising, it often costs less AND it gives you more for your money! Radio can give you repetition that'll drive home your message again and again.

Radio targets your audience

Throughout the day, loads of different listeners tune into Dearne FM at different times. Your commercial can be scheduled to reach exactly the people you need. You can target exactly who you want to talk to – giving you a freedom and flexibility unlike any other medium.


Radio has a connection

People don’t just listen to Dearne FM, they trust it. From the company of their favourite presenter, to traffic updates on the road – radio has been their friend for some time. And your commercial is part of that relationship.


Local radio is for local people

Which is handy, because they’re all within easy reach of your business!
Local radio can put you on the map in your area, whether you’re a small business looking for nearby customers, or a regional store that’s about to open. Dearne FM can connect you directly to your community.

Radio is everywhere

And wherever you go, we go. Your commercial can reach people in the unlikeliest of places, and it can have a constant presence too. From the breakfast table, to the car, to the office – people keep on listening, giving them even more opportunities to hear your commercial.

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