Thursday Blog:- Super people, UV footy & specs appeal

Theresa May had a bad day didn't she? A coughing fit, the set falling to pieces, a stage invader with a P45. It's probably best not to ask her if she's okay for the next few days. We've all had one of those days.

Northern Rail services are being disrupted by strike action again – there'll be less services and busier carriages when the trains do run. The action lasts from seven this morning until seven this evening.

The plans to build a footbridge over the railway line in town were passed yesterday – the Jumble Lane level crossing will be closed off. Lots of people were sharing their memories of waiting for the barriers to go up – I can remember standing there on my first visit to Oakwell, a wet and windy Tuesday evening! That barrier seemed to be down for ages.

Penistone Grammar School in the news yesterday because of new school rules – pupils are apparently 'terrified' of new rules that sees them in trouble for forgetting a pen or leaving a shirt untucked. Those of us who went to school years ago will probably be thinking that's nothing new, I can remember stories of the hard-nut teacher at our school hanging lads by their feet from the window and throwing board rubbers directly at misbehaving pupils heads! I can hear him now “Stand up straight you little ferret!”

The Barnsley in Bloom celebration event last night was packed! Local environment enthusiasts gathered to mark another year of wonderful work on our landscapes, they did a big photo at the end on the inside steps of the Town Hall – they couldn't fit everyone in!

Congratulations Mr B of South Yorkshire, a local man celebrating winning £130,000 on the Euromillions. He's staying anonymous and plans to buy a new house. There are folks being detectives now… has someone on your street suddenly got a new car, new clothes and looking happy?

They're building the new town centre, but making sure that the community around here knows they care. It was great to see staff from Henry Boot volunteering with the team from BIADS in the Alhambra Shopping Centre yesterday – lots of donations were made to the wonderful charity.

A pat on the back, where it's fully deserved, for Barnsley Churches drop-in project. They've provided 13,000 meals so far this year for vulnerable people around the area.

A local traditional has moved – Mr Fox's Fire Dance, the ceremony to mark the Hunters Moon, that usually takes place in Langsett will take place at the Wortley Mens Club on Saturday. It's a fantastic night out, with firedancers, masks and a really great atmosphere.

Do you know where your nearest defibrillator is? Yorkshire Ambulance Service are trying to make us aware with a twitter defibrillator hunt. I'm thinking of where I'd find one, I know there's one in Penistone Town Centre but after that I'm struggling! It's worth knowing isn't it? You never know when you might need it.

New at Barnsley Academy tonight, Ultra Violet Football! Reds in the Community are putting on the women only session, where they switch the lights low and use ultra-violet lighting. If you go tonight, you get free Reds match tickets.

Reds loan players Harvey Barnes and Ike Ugbo could play for England Under 20's this evening – they're away in Italy. Tom Bradshaw and Ryan Hedges are away with Wales, Stevie Mallan with Scotland Under 21's. England's full team play Slovenia.

Our wedding anniversary brings back so many memories – the fireworks display after our first dance, our first dance, family and friends together and the moment that I found my Mum on the dancefloor pogo dancing to Kings of Leon! It's important to note that Mum's musical appreciation stops at Robson and Jerome, she doesn't drink and I'd never seen her dance before. I'm still struggling to get my head around it.

The Apprentice was back on TV last night, as usual you've got a cast of entrepreneurs claiming they're already making big money but all making fundamental business mistakes. I was more taken by the various styles of specs that they were wearing – one of the girls had a pair of what I can only describe as 1980's NHS specs on! She looked like Deirdre Barlow!

I didn't see the end of the Apprentice because I fell to sleep on the sofa – Marie sent me to bed in disgrace! I get in to so much trouble for nodding off, I'd just love a quick sofa nap every so often!