Rates Of Homelessness Increasing At 'Alarming Rate' In Barnsley

The amount of people in Barnsley who are desperately in need is going up by an alarming percentage - according to the man behind our towns Rucksack Project.

The Rucksack Project is an initiative which provides people in need with sleeping bags, food and clothing.

Adie Flute is behind it. Talking about last years project, and a man the project helped, he said: "He'd had his tent and belongings set on fire and the little money that he did have, he had to face the choice of whether to buy a new tent, a sleeping or food. It is pretty horrible. 

"Fortunately we had a number of tents donated so we could kit him out with a tent and a whole rucksack full of things."

The project is currently taking donations.

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