Barnsley's Homeless Want More Support

As a charity warns the number of people sleeping rough could rise by three-quarters in the next decade, a Barnsley man has told us there is a lack of support for the homeless in the town.

Crisis has come up with figures suggesting 9-thousand 100 people were on the streets at any one time in Britain last year.

It also estimates 68-thousand households were sofa surfing.

Jon Shaw, who lives on the streets of Barnsley, claims support is 'non-existent'. He is fed up of being attacked. Speaking to Dearne FM he said: "It is a nasty environment, I've been stabbed. It is a rough life."

Jon Sparkes, chief executive of Crisis, says it's not inevitable and changes in policy would make a difference: "For example, if we stopped the current set of planned welfare cuts that are going through the system, if we stop them now, that would reduce that ten year projection by about 7 percent."

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